It’s time to shift the conversation…

…to challenge our understanding and beliefs about how philanthropy can truly improve the human condition.

Watch videos from the 2015 World AIDS Day Ask Her Talks, featuring Dorothy Onyango, Peres Abeka, Kidist Belete, Hope Chigudu, and Vuyiseka Dubula.

The Ask Her Talks is a must-watch speaker series for everyone who gives generously to struggles for human rights, health, and justice around the globe. Produced by the Stephen Lewis Foundation and hosted by gospel and jazz luminary Jackie Richardson, the Talks feature the insights of diverse African women experts, speaking on philanthropy, change and power.

African women are at the heart of the response to AIDS, are overwhelmingly the frontline health care workers, are tackling the epidemic of sexual violence — and yet we rarely, if ever, hear from them. The Ask Her Talks aim to put that right. Each series of Talks gives the podium directly to a group of African women experts, to speak about what happens when crises strike, and the role that philanthropy can play in a transformative response.

The Ask Her Talks have had sold-out crowds in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Stay tuned for future dates and cities!

Photos of the Talks

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Media Coverage

Read, watch and listen to compelling media interviews with the African women experts who have participated in past Ask Her Talks.